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Rachel Price • Moonlight Social • Luis Rey


Rachel Price has come a long way from her hometown of O’Neill, Nebraska to pursue her dream, moving to Nashville three years ago and working hard to hone her craft.  Now, the talented Price continues this journey in 2018, finishing a three month stint opening for The Wind + The Wave #HUMAN BEINGS TOUR 2018 (along with Haley Johnson and Jesse Ruben) and releasing a new single "Sunshine & Rainbows," the first from her forthcoming EP set for release in 2018. 

2017 was quite a year for Price, she released her debut EP HOME, toured and launched a campaign to help Victims of Hurricane Harvey, selling HOME T-Shirts (Home, being the name of her recently released  EP) and donated proceeds to REBUILDTX.ORG to benefit victims in cities along the Gulf Coast. She also performed on her own  unique U.S. tour, visiting and donating partial proceeds from her shows to Animal Shelters in all tour markets and has spent time in the studio recording a new EP for a Spring release. 

Price acquired her first guitar when she was 11, and started recording pop, rock and R&B covers, posting them online. When she headed off to college, her plan was to become a veterinarian. She kept posting songs though, and her music caught the attention of two producers in Los Angeles. “We wrote songs over Skype, and then I went to L.A. and we recorded four of them in the studio,” says Price. “It was an amazing experience.”

One of those songs was “Little Nebraska Town,” Price’s ode to the communal excitement of hometown Friday night football games. A former teacher of Price’s introduced her to internationally renowned photographer and Nebraskan Bill Frakes, who was working with the Nebraska Tourism Commission on content for The Nebraska Project, an initiative and website celebrating the people, places and stories that are the essence of the state.

“A video was created for my song, which was used to spotlight the culture of football in Nebraska,” says Price. “It got more than a million views. Having so many people relate to something I wrote sparked my interest in making music for the rest of my life.”

Price took a break from school, and with the support of her parents, moved to Nashville in 2014 so that she could be in an environment surrounded by the music industry. “There is so much energy and so many people to feed off of creatively here,” she says. “It forces me to be really uncomfortable on a daily basis – in a good way. In new situations, I’m learning how to adapt. And writing music here is an everyday thing. I love it.”

In 2016, she connected with Australian-born, Nashville-based producer, composer, and musician Michael Flanders. She co-wrote four of the six songs on the new EP with Michael’s wife Chaise – a noted songwriter herself – and son Ben. The title track “Home” was wholly Price’s, and “Falling Off The Earth” is a collaboration with singer-songwriter Luke Wade.

Outside of music, Price continues taking courses toward her college degree. She’s switched majors and is now focused on interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on business. She’s an avid dog sitter and walker, an avocation that both gives her the animal lover fix she needs, and serves as a reliable “day job” – that is, until she fulfills her dream of “making a living just making music.” Rachel will release her new EP in 2018.

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It’s not easy uprooting something you’ve grown for years and moving it from comfortable soil to unfamiliar territory. But in the summer of 2016, that’s exactly what Moonlight Social did. Jennica Scott and Jeremy Burchard loaded up the van, a trailer, a few other cars, the dog and the cat, and, with a bittersweet goodbye, put Austin, Texas in the rear view.


About 14 hours and 850 miles later, they planted themselves in Nashville, Tennessee — roots fully intact.


And then they got to work.

“We owed it to ourselves and to the amazing people who helped us over the years to give it everything we’ve got,” Burchard says. “There’s an attitude shift in Nashville that is embracing really cool, unique sounds in country music. You see it in artists like Little Big Town, Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne and Miranda Lambert. We’ve got an opportunity to be a part of something bigger.”

That opportunity manifests itself in the duo’s first multi-song release since 2012, the Make You Smile EP. Recorded at Prime Recording in Nashville, the 5-song body of work captures the pair’s unique dynamic and puts their originality on full display.

Jennica and Jeremy met in 2009 as members of the University of Texas Longhorn Marching Band. By 2010, they were uploading covers to YouTube and writing songs. Over the next several years they toured across more than a dozen states, playing hundreds of shows before landing in Nashville to bring their unique genre bending sound to the next level.

Quite simply, nobody else sounds like Moonlight Social. And nobody else is making their kind of country music.

In addition to Jennica and Jeremy’s rich vocal dynamic and Jeremy’s multi-instrumentalism, the EP features a cast of some of Nashville’s finest players, like bassist Paul Rippee and drummer Donny Marple (of Lee Brice’s band The Love Cannons), guitarist Tim Galloway (Gary Allan, Jake Owen, Josh Turner) and legendary pedal steel player Russ Pahl (Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert).

Following in the vein of their critically praised debut Heading South, Burchard co-produced the EP, this time with engineer Derek Garten. The collaboration allowed the band to capture and layer interesting textures, creating a project that feels both radio ready and decidedly left of center. There’s a bit of an unpolished edge to their well-produced sound, similar to Miranda Lambert and Eric Church. Yet there’s a catchy pop groove and melody at the center of every tune.

Burchard and Scott wrote more than 50 songs for the project, ultimately settling on five that showcased different aspects of their creative range while still capturing the nuances of their personalities. The titular “Make You Smile” (co-written with Jo-Leah Tilbury, who also co-wrote their award-winning “Rub A Little Dirt On It”) flips the typical “hook-up” culture concept on its head, using the pair’s mutual heartbreak as the underlying basis for a “misery loves company” theme rooted in musical therapy.  Upon its release, The Huffington Post called the song “one of the best country pop songs of the year” and “simply irresistible.”

Follow-up single “Bad Side” comes from a co-write with Nashville pop darling Jenn Bostic. Lovingly dubbed “steampunk country” by Burchard, the song hints to the narrative tradition of country music with a thick-as-thieves story lyric. But the duo upends expectations by laying it on an up-tempo, driving musical foundation complete with stomps and claps, banjo, ripping solos, and just a hint of synthetic machinations.

“My Everything,” co-written with Byron Hill (who wrote classics like George Strait’s “Fool Hearted Memory,” Alabama’s “Born Country,” and Gary Allan’s “Nothing On But The Radio”), sees the duo tapping into their softer side, delivering a traditionally-tinged song that flirts between romantic and lovelorn, depending on your point of view.

The EP also includes “I Wanna Fall In Love,” a fan favorite and road-tested song written by the duo back in Austin. It underwent several growth spurts before developing into the fully realized song on the EP — a relatable frustration to just about anybody who has felt down and out when it comes to their love life.

The collection closes out with “So Close,” a song co-written with Canadian country star Patricia Conroy (whose song “God And My Girlfriends” Reba McEntire recently recorded). With a triumphant swell of acoustic instruments and thunderous drums, Moonlight Social uses “So Close” as an anthemic ode to optimism and embracing of failure as progress. It’s a fitting summation of Moonlight Social’s aesthetic.

As a band that traversed the country world and underwent all the growing pains associated with it, Scott and Burchard are poised to carve out and occupy their own space in country music. Despite the ever-changing popularity tides of the day, Moonlight Social has stuck to their guns and made the music they wanted to make.

And audiences large and small feel that passion and commitment. Even in story songs about morally corrupt couples on crime sprees, this band is genuine. They can laugh at themselves with a wink and a smile, deliver impassioned anthems with energy, or tug on your heartstrings with subtlety. And they mean it every time.


Johnny Cash once said, “In my opinion, Luis Rey is a cut far above average.”


Luis Rey is that rare artist who captures the hearts of all who see and hear him, his golden voice, and his powerful songs. Indeed, Luis’ down-to-earth persona provides that special (yet unusual) vehicle through which his musicianship, masterful songwriting, and exceptional voice emanate. This enables him to occupy that special (but difficult to attain) space in the market: the space to be a musical artist to whom music fans can personally relate.


Music has always been present in the life of Luis Rey. From a young age, he was involved in the theater where he worked as a singer, actor, writer, and producer for plays and musicals. As a young adult, Luis performed music and began to write songs. During this time, he lived in his home state of Texas as well as in Nashville, where he is a recording artist, songwriter, and respected member of the city’s music industry community.


Since the release of his debut EP in 2017, it is already clear that there is a place in the market for what Luis has to offer. There is no one else like him. He is currently writing with some of the industry’s top writers, a testament to his songwriting ability. He has a growing fan-base and is in-demand as a performer due to his ability to connect with an audience through great songs, powerhouse vocals, and high energy.